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BioShock Fan of the Month: Grey Bardo

on October 21 2013

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Meet Grey Bardo, our new BioShock Fan of the Month! Want to be the next BioShock Fan of the Month? Click here to find out how!

Location: Nashville, Tennesse, USA

Favorite BioShock Moment: My favorite BioShock moment actually occurred in BioShock Infinite, and it was the first moment I saw Elizabeth through the windows. I hadn’t even interacted with her yet, but she had already stolen my heart.

Most Prized BioShock Possession: My most prized BioShock possession has got to be my Songbird. It sits perched above all of my other BioShock memorabilia, almost like it’s keeping watch over the whole collection.

First Game Ever Played: Diddy Kong Racing. It was one of the two games I got for Christmas with my Nintendo 64, and I maintain to this day that I am the DKR champion (at least in my circle of friends!)

(So many Songbirds!)

If you want to be the next BioShock Fan of the Month, click here to find out how!

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  • joshimarston | October 27, 2013 6:04 pm

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    Congrats ;D

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