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Irrational Interviews Episode 4: Cliff Bleszinski

on November 3 2010


Not many game developers can be considered celebrities, but Cliff Bleszinski fits the bill. One of the industry’s best-known names, he travels in star-studded circles and serves as a de facto representative for games among a wider audience. Meanwhile, he holds down a day job as design director at Epic Games, where he’s in the middle of development on Gears of War 3.

Cliff joins Irrational’s own creative director Ken Levine as well as Chris Remo to discuss that unique role as well as how the mainstream perceives game makers. And along with that consideration of game industry celebrity, there is talk of the realities of how games are made: the collaborative team-based development process.

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  • Produced by James Bonney & Chris Remo, with editing by Tim Franklin (Ant Bear Audio)
  • Music courtesy of The Happy Hollows
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