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Details for BioShock Infinite Soundtrack Revealed

on March 6 2013


One of the perks each fan will receive with their Ultimate Songbird Edition or Premium Edition is the official BioShock Infinite Soundtrack. Garry Schyman, the original composer for previous BioShock titles, has returned to the composer’s chair once again for BioShock Infinite. In addition, the soundtrack will introduce a unique song performed by voice actors Troy Baker (Booker DeWitt) and Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth).

Here on, we’ve embedded a special behind-the-scenes clip of Troy and Courtnee performing part of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” in the studio, so click play to hear a sneak preview.

There’s still time to place your pre-order for the Ultimate Songbird or Premium Edition if you want your own copy of the soundtrack. For the full track list, see below:

  1. Introduction  (K. Levine)
    • Performed by Oliver Vaquer, Jennifer Hale, Troy Baker
  2. Welcome to Columbia  (G. Schyman, J. Bonney)
  3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken – choral version  (A. Habershon, C. Gabriel)
    • Arranged by Marc Lacuesta
    • Maureen Murphy – vocal soloist
  4. Lighter Than Air  (G.Schyman)
  5. Lutece  (G. Schyman)
  6. The Battle For Columbia I  (G. Schyman, J. Bonney)
  7. The Girl In The Tower  (G.Schyman)
  8. Elizabeth  (G.Schyman)
  9. The Songbird  (G. Schyman)
  10. Rory O’More/Saddle The Pony  (S. Lover/anon.)
    • Rodney Miller – fiddle
    • Elvie Miller – piano, accordion
    • David Porter – guitar
  11. The Battle For Columbia II  (G. Schyman)
  12. The Readiness Is All  (K. Levine, J. Bonney)
  13. Lions Walk With Lions  (G. Schyman)
  14. Will The Circle Be Unbroken  (A. Habershon, C. Gabriel)
    • Courtnee Draper – vocal
    • Troy Baker – guitar
  15. Unintended Consequences  (G. Schyman)
  16. The Battle For Columbia III  (G. Schyman)
  17. Family Reunion  (G. Schyman)
  18. Solace  (S. Joplin)
    • Duncan Watt – piano
  19. The Battle For Columbia IV  (G. Schyman)
  20. The Battle For Columbia V  (G. Schyman)
  21. Let Go  (G. Schyman)
  22. Doors  (G. Schyman)
  23. The Girl For The Debt  (G. Schyman)
  24. Back In The Boat  (G. Schyman)
  25. AD  (G. Schyman)
  26. Smothered  (G. Schyman)
  27. Baptism  (G. Schyman, J. Bonney)
  28. Will The Circle Be Unbroken – full version  (A. Habershon, C. Gabriel)
    • Courtnee Draper – vocal
    • Troy Baker – guitar

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Comments (20)

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  • kalysm | March 6, 2013 4:30 pm

    Avatar Image

    When you say “copy” do you mean a physical CD, or just a digital album?

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  • IG.J | March 6, 2013 4:36 pm

    Avatar Image

    @kalysm – As stated on the Collector’s Edition page (, the soundtrack you’ll receive will be a digital album.

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  • dgonza40 | March 6, 2013 5:01 pm

    Is this the same Troy Baker as the voice of Booker? That is awesome. Forgot it was a digital album, because a physical disc would’ve been great, but I’m still excited. 20 more days.

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    • japester | March 6, 2013 8:12 pm

      Avatar Image

      Yes, he is one and the same.

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  • epic | March 6, 2013 5:37 pm

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    Is there no way for me to purchase the soundtrack without getting the non-regular copy? I want it on steam so. . .you see my delay.

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    • japester | March 7, 2013 12:24 am

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      IGN says it will be sold separately.

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      • epic | March 7, 2013 4:20 pm

        Avatar Image


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  • usmvalor | March 7, 2013 6:40 am

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    Too bad I have Regular pre-order :p Always have You Tube 2 be honest 😀 Again, that’s how games look when you but more heart to it than money 🙂

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  • tinyhunt | March 7, 2013 10:14 am

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    This is awesome. I loves me some Scott Joplin. I am just bummed the Barbershop version of “God Only Knows” or the fabled “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” from the 15 min trailer aren’t on the Soundtrack. More reason to play the game then. Woot.

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  • ancienteternity | March 7, 2013 7:09 pm

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    When will the soundtrack be released for the people who couldn’t get a Songbird edition? Dang Amazon cancelling my order…

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  • gllamphar | March 7, 2013 9:36 pm

    Will this be avaliable out of the pre order? Like ina physical CD? Please make it happen, PLEASE.

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  • bioshoc | March 7, 2013 10:48 pm

    i like this video. i have listened 10 times but i don’t want stop it

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  • bookerdewwit | March 9, 2013 3:46 pm

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    so exited for relis i preordered the ultimet song bird edition so exidet to lisen to full sound track

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  • mrwallas | March 12, 2013 3:02 pm

    I really hope the soundtrack will eventually be available for people who didn’t buy either of the special editions.

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  • icegrove | March 16, 2013 1:47 pm

    Avatar Image

    Pretty song

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  • gohoos | March 19, 2013 6:43 am

    When/how will the preorder folks get the soundtrack? I preordered the premium edition last week and so far, no soundtrack.

    The minigame is cool, though.

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  • sniperx1989 | March 21, 2013 7:14 pm

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    i have my Ultimate Songbird or Premium Edition pre-ordered and I CAN NOT WAIT 😀

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  • kentobishop | March 23, 2013 2:01 am

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    “will the circle be unbroken” is best with her amazing voice! will be worth every penny.

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  • thekidmarvel | May 13, 2013 6:46 pm

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    I’ll update the info of the songs in my album was weird it came with no info

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  • joshimarston | August 9, 2013 4:38 pm

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    My girlfriend has won my heart singing this song for me >///<

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